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Ultimate Paint Standard 2.88 (Trial Version)
Main program with more than a hundred advanced image effects and correction filters. To encourage you to try it most functionality works without limitations even if you don't purchase the program. However using extended functions (such as Adobe Photoshop plug-ins and the advanced image effects) keep you from saving your work if you have an unregistered version. Download, unzip the archive and start setup.exe.

Size: 2524 kB (ZIP) / 2565 kB (EXE)

ZIP from Server #1 ZIP from Server #2 ZIP from Server #3 EXE from Server #3
Mirror on Server #2 was set up by Jim Young. Visit his personal site if you're interested in his police stories.

Click here to see the preview of the built-in effects and filters
Ultimate Paint Standard 2.88 LE (Freeware Edition)
Same as the trial version, but does not support Adobe Photoshop plug-ins and has only 20 image filters built-in. Can be used without any limitations. No catch, it does not contain any adware or spyware! Download, uninstall the previous version, unzip the archive and start setup.exe.

Size: 1734 kB

Click here to download

Ultimate Paint Language Packs (for both the Trial and Freeware Editions)
After downloading the language pack, unzip the archive and put all files into the main folder of UP. Select your language in the Options / Preferences / Language panel.

Send your comments about the German pack here.
German (for 2.86 only!) Hungarian (for 2.86 only!)

Common DLLs required by some Adobe-compatible plugins
The following download is not required by Ultimate Paint or by any of its effects. If some of your third-party plug-ins appear in the 'Plug-ins failed to load' list in UP, try to download these DLLs: many plug-ins require them. Unzip the archive and put all files into the main folder of UP. Restart the program and see whether the problem is solved.
MSVCRT10.DLL is the freely distributable code of Microsoft Corp, while PLUGIN.DLL was created by Adobe Inc.

Common DLLs

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