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Amphisoft Plugins Update Released
21 February, 2006
Amphisoft Plugins received an update: now all plugins have a bigger preview and the new versions include some minor bug fixes. These Adobe-compatible plugins are also included in the Deluxe version of Ultimate Paint.

Ultimate Paint 2.88 Released
6 October, 2005
Ultimate Paint v2.88 is released today. There are many new features that you will love. All registered users should upgrade to this version (which is free for them). The highlights of this release are
  • new Symmetry tool,
  • new Photo/Gaussian Blur filter (thanks to Aaron Wirtz!),
  • selection making and brush cutting tools are separated,
  • new circle and ellipse shape selector / brush cut tools,
  • new dialog to manage effect settings - easy access and previews,
  • extended Stylize/Fade Out and Glow effects - now both are able to fade into full transparency,
  • extended Rotate filter - can crop background and can work only on selection,
  • DPI settings are now preserved in several file formats,
  • 40 new images added to the image collection of the Deluxe Edition.
Most of these improvements are also included in the freeware release so it's worth checking.

Celebrating the 7th Birthday of Ultimate Paint
22 August, 2005
HotShot Plug-in Released
18 August, 2004
Our long-term partner, Cybia Digital Resource Studio has just released HotShot, a new color manipulation filter. HotShot is a single Photoshop-compatible plug-in (that you can use with any Adobe-compatible application) which helps you quickly access a selection of image-enhancement controls through one easy-to-use dialog. The effects are suitable for both digital photographs and 3D rendered images, providing subtle correction features plus more dynamic colour shifts for added impact or artistic results.
Feature overview
  • Large dialog and preview area with clear easy-to-use layout,
  • 18 slider settings which allow for many different combinations,
  • Save and load your favourite effects with the preset option.
Price: $8.00. You might read more details and download a demo version here.

Ultimate Paint 2.86 Released
26 July, 2004
Ultimate Paint v2.86 is released today. We have added many new filters and dialogs, improved the functionality of the program, and fixed all known issues. The highlights of this release are
  • UP preserves EXIF and IPTC information of digital photos,
  • UP is able to display EXIF info on Image/Information panel,
  • a new Navigation panel added for easier image navigation and detail inspection,
  • new Color Cycling function in Fast Palette dialog,
  • new Alpha/Gradient, Misc/Text Processor, Photo/Recast Color and Misc/F828 Remove Purple Cast filters,
  • provides the tightest GIF compression possible,
  • modified and extended Photo/Enhance Detail and Misc/Arithmetic filters,
  • you can drag'n'drop files onto the main menu,
  • useful photo processing effects are rearranged and moved under new category Photo,
  • Tool panel can automatically minimize itself,
  • more than one image can be opened simultaneously in the open dialog,
  • SGI file formats support (RGB, RGBA, etc.),
  • last UPC component used can be invoked by pressing CTRL+L.
This release has a new protection mechanism for the unregistered version: there's no time limit, however if advanced functions are used, the image cannot be saved, sent via e-mail, printed, cut, copied, exported, or converted to brush. 20 common effects are free to use, nevertheless using advanced ones will keep you from saving the modifications.

Ultimate Paint 2.84 Released
26 February, 2004
Ultimate Paint v2.84 is published. This version is mainly a bugfix release, however it also contains dozens of new improvements, such as
  • a greatly enhanced (and resizeable!) save optimization dialog,
  • new component Transform/Stretch filter to distort rectangular images,
  • saveable effect settings,
  • saved images can retain their original time/date,
  • images can be saved with the current fast palette,
  • more Adobe-plugin folders can be specified,
  • dialog and toolbar positions can be reset from the Start menu.
As always, without registration 2.84 runs 30 times with full functionality and gives 10 new runs for unregistered users who have used up all their tries with the previous release. Registered users can upgrade for free by downloading and installing the new release.

Affiliate Program Started
8 September, 2003
We have started an affiliate program in association with our payment processing partner, ShareIt!. Promote Ultimate Paint and Solitaire Maniac on your website and earn a commission after each sale. If you would like to participate, click here to register. The terms and conditions of the affiliate partnership can be found here.

New Image Gallery Opened
11 February, 2003
Now you can see the preview of the more than 90 royalty-free images that come with the Deluxe Edition of Ultimate Paint.

Ultimate Paint 2.83 Released
11 February, 2003
Ultimate Paint v2.83 is released. This version has lots of small improvements above the fixes, so we would advise all users to switch to this latest release. The major changes are:
  • new Color/Enhance Detail filter,
  • new function Brush/Stretch/Both-Keep A/R,
  • easy palette gradients,
  • improved tool panel layout,
  • tool panels can be hidden,
  • default image size is adjustable.
Version 2.83 gives 10 more runs for unregistered users who have used up all 30 tries. Registered users can upgrade for free by downloading and installing the new release.