Endless Fun With Frames
by Andy Sheaffer

Click on the image to view it in full size.

This is an impressive wooden frame containing a metallic-looking UP sign among stone bricks. Let's see how I made it.

First I begin with this stone wall texture. Using the Cut Polygon tool, I individually cut a few interesting (to me at least...) pieces and set them out separately.

Then, making sure the current background color is the same as the background of the image (If they are different you won't get a clean selection). I use the Cut Rectangle tool to select each stone in turn to assemble my frame.

One thing I like to do, and I find it helpful in the long run, is to save various snapshots of a project for later reference. Such as saving the original stone frame in it's bare form. You'll see why that is useful in short order!
Used a brick texture for the middle section. When the texture is selected using the Cut Rectangle tool, and you have the Pattern Fill function selected, I just click in the middle area of the stones. This will file the area with a tiled version of the texture.
Now, using the Continuous Line tool, I draw a line close to but not touching the inside edge of the stones. Then I use the Magic Wand to select the line, making sure that the Instant Brush Creation button is off.
After that with the Glow function, I will set the size, color and offset of it so that it resembles a shadow. Here's where the magic of UP happens! Remember I have saved the bare version of my frame? Go back to it and make a brush out of the whole picture (Brush / Get all), then place this brush onto this picture (making sure the Paint method is selected in the Options menu), so that it overlays precisely covering the line. Wow! A shadow!!
For illustration purposes, I've stetched the pic a bit so to make room for the word that will be used. Making sure the Instant Brush Creation button is off, I type the word in white (or some such contrasting color). Once a fitting size is found, I press OK. With the IBC (Instant Brush Creation) button off, the text is highlighted and ready to alter. Using the Glow function (which by the way remains set to the previous setting), I add an offset shadow. Then turn the IBC button back on.
I have a metal box texture next. By using the Cut Rectangle tool, I select the texture. Then using Pattern Fill, click the area inside each letter. The box texture fills each time a blank space is clicked. There is another great feature of UP in that I can set the origin of my fill. This made it possible to get the handle of the box to appear where I wanted.
Now I just used the Text function to add the second word, again with the IBC button off, and used Glow to glow!
Finally crop the pic down to a suitable size. Now in the following steps we'll see how to create the wooden frame around the image.
First draw a rectangle. After that draw another inside the first, making it a narrower line.
I have selected a wooden texture this time and using the Cut Rectangle tool, and the Instant Brush Creation button is on, I'll cut out the texture. Then using Pattern Fill, I'll click on each of the rectangles. This fills them with the wood texture.
Next, turn the Instant Brush Creation button off. Then using the Magic Wand, click the blank space between the rectangles. This will highlight that space. Once that is done, use Glow to give it a halo. This kinda' resembles aged edges.
Now turn the IBC button on. Here I used a lighter shade of wood. Select it as before. Then using the Pattern Fill, click on the center of the area that was just Glowed. It adds a band of lighter wood.
Now, just for accent, I draw a very thin rectangle just inside the most recent rectangle.
Turning the IBC button off, and using the Magic Wand, I select the rectangle that I just drew, highlighting it. I gave it a very light taste of Glow to age it. Then used Dolphin to make it more appealing.
Back to the IBC button, turn it on. Now that's done, draw a rectangle on the outside and fill it as before.
Add a frame from a previous segment on frames. Then draw a rectangular pinstripe around the pic.
Then Glow the line, and while it is still highlighted, use Dolphin to add a shimmer to it. The last touch is to use FlareFX to dazzle. Wow! Wasn't that an easy image to create?
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