Fishy Image
by Andy Sheaffer

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In this tutorial I present image editing basics as well as some tips on how to use spectacular effects to spice up your text.

I took a mouth portion from a graphic that I had on file. Then I cut out only the part that I wanted. Created a brush and tilted it the back other way.
I have liked this fish, but it has always looked too serious.
I selected the mouth from the previous graphic into the brush using the Cut Rectangle tool while switch Instant Brush Creation was on and placed it where I figured it looked best.
Then zoomed in close and using a suitable brush and the Continuous Freehand tool, colored in the eye. It's always a good idea to keep an extra copy of the individual ingredients of a pic in the making, you'll see why later.
I opened a new area and used Dolphin to give it texture. Remember it is important to know the settings used because they will be needed later! Then used Neon to give it a blue cast.
Then I imported the fish and placed it where it looked best.
Placed the mouth as before...
... and colored the eye.
Added some nice text while kept Instant Brush Creation off.
Now here comes the important thing. Set a glow to the text. Now, this is where the settings used previously in Dolphin were necessary. With the text still highlighted, I used Dolphin at the previous settings. The letters took on the original Dolphin look, but without the blue cast given by Neon.
Now if you have kept a copy of the fish separately - as I did -, select it again. Size it, mirror it and use Neon to give it another color.
Finally add a different style text and use an offset Glow to highlight the letters.
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