Creating a slide graphics with Page Curl

Create an image of the original slide. Color it more strongly than the final slide, we will the use transparency settings of the effect, so it will become more pale. Add enough pixels to the image (with Image/Resize Canvas) so that the transformed corner of the slide won't be cut off (here we added pixels to the right edge of the image, only, since the proposed curl will loll out on that side).
Make a selection by selecting the added background (white in our case) with the Magic Wand selection tool, then invert the selection (Edit/Invert Selection), so the entire slide - and only the slide - will be selected.

Invoke Image/Transform/Page Curl.
Set the desired Length, Radius, Expansion, Angle and Obliquity parameters so that the preview looks exactly the same you imagined. We used 32, 14, -2, 35, 0 values, respectively.
Set Back Transparency to 100, so that the backside of the slide will be entirely transparent. Set Front Transparency to a middle value, we set it to 54.
Adjust Light Focus to the desired value (25 here) and select High Quality.
Make sure that Background is Bgnd Color, so that the background below the slide will be the same as the background added to the right side.
Click Apply.
The settings of the effect can be downloaded from here (place it into the Actions folder of UP and use the Load button on the Page Curl effect panel).

Creating a twisted banner

Create a filled rectangle and write a text into it with the background color (reverse the drawing and background colors by pressing SHIFT+UP). Make sure that Instant Brush Creation is off, so that when you Apply the text it remains selected.
Add the background to the selection (by holding CTRL down when Magic Wanding the image background).
Make sure that you have enough space below the banner (use Image/Resize Canvas, if necessary).
Invoke Image/Transform/Page Curl.
Set Backplane to Bgnd Color, Background to Drawing Color (into which select the background color of the image, which is white in our example).
Set Length, Radius, Expansion, Angle, Obliquity and Light Focus to the desired value. We used 34, 15, 13, 45, -100, 44, respectively.
Check that Back and Fore Transparencies are 0.
Apply the effect.
The settings used here can be downloaded from here.

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