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Ultimate Paint is a painting program with a wide-range of image processing functions. It is also one of the fastest and most compact programs of its category. We've done everything to keep the code size at a reasonable level. Only fully optimized code is added to the program to ensure that you get the leanest and fastest image editing tools available.

The dialogs and controls are arranged so that everything is at your fingertips. For new users Ultimate Paint has a fast and easy learning period.
Screenshot #1 The icons of drawing functions and the color selector can be found left to the main window. To the right there's a fast palette for quick color storing and retrieval.

One of the unique features is that you can apply different skins to the program, even easily design your own.
There are several special tools that can only be found in high priced packages. One of them is an image optimizer. It helps you to find the best image settings for saving a particular image with the smallest possible size retaining best quality. You can compare results on-the-fly, zoom in/out particular areas to see the difference. Image Optimizer panel
Navigation panel The navigation panel shows the image around the cursor at 100% magnification ratio which is handy if you're working in a higher zoom and would still like to see the modifications at the original zoom factor. It also displays the entire image and the color parameters of the pixel currently under the cursor.
The Color Selection dialog is easy to use, allows both fast, intuitive and precise setting of a color. A color can be chosen by setting its RGB components (sliders) or by setting its Hue (color circle) and pointing on a color in the Saturation-Value space (color field). For HTML design the color is also represented in hexadecimal format. Color Selection dialog
Browser dialogs The Image Browser dialog allows you to browse through the images on your hard disk. One of the unique features of Ultimate Paint is the ability to browse effects, too: you can see the thumbnails of the different filters and select the desired one.
Ultimate Paint has more than a hundred professional quality effects which is outstanding among image processing programs. Most of these plug-in effects have several adjustable parameters which gives lots of freedom to get exactly what you desire. See the preview of available effects. Most effects have instant preview (small window), and you can also preview the effect on the whole image. Each effect has a detailed help which describes its usage in detail. Page Curl effect
Print dialog Align and resize your images interactively with one movement of the mouse or more accurately using numeric values. Add an optional title text or border around your image, and print the final design - all with the advanced print dialog of UP.
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