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What's new in the latest version of Ultimate Paint? v2.88 has plenty of new features that you will love. Besides the small additions and the usual fixes the major improvements are:
Symmetry Tool The new Symmetry Tool helps you to draw several curves and shapes simultaneously. UP follows your mouse while you draw and paints the same graphics rotated around a central point or shifted in both directions. All basic drawing tools can be used in this mode.
The new Gaussian Blur filter (thanks to Aaron Wirtz) has extreme power compared to the Blur filter already present in UP. Gaussian Blur
Cut and Selection Tools Brush creation and selection making tools are now separated on the toolbar. This helps users to utilize the power and flexibility of custom brushes while providing easy access to the commonly used selection functions at the same time.
Circle and ellipse-shaped selection tools help you to select and work on circular areas. It opens up many new possibilities in your creative design. Circular Selections
Effect dialog New dialog to manage your favorite effect settings. It gives you an instant preview of the saved settings so you don't have to solely rely on descriptions.
The Fade Out and Glow effects can now fade into full transparency. Create such an image then simply select it as a brush and place it on another image to have a professional effect. Fade Out effect